-Publication of Indian Glass Directory 2016

-Indian Glass Directory 2012

Publication of Indian Glass Directory 2016

The All India Glass Manufacturers’ Federation is bringing out revised edition of Indian Glass Directory. Contact details and other particulars of manufacturers of various glass products and those connected with the Glass Industry, e.g. suppliers of raw materials, refractories, chemicals, machinery and equipment, consultants etc. will be included in the Directory. Details of products manufactured by processing of flat glass, i.e. toughened/automotive glass and other articles made from flat glass, decorative glass articles, ophthalmic glasses, fiber glass products etc. will also be included. You are therefore requested to furnish the requisite information in respect of your company in the relevant proforma, as given below:

PROFORMA I word/PDFManufacturers of Primary Glass Products
PROFORMA II word/PDFManufacturers of other Glass Products i.e. toughened/automotive glass and other articles made from flat glass, decorative glass articles, ophthalmic glasses, fibre glass products etc.
PROFORMA III word/PDF Manufacturers / Suppliers of Raw Materials & Chemicals / Refractories / Machinery & Equipment/ Moulds & Spares/ Packing Material and others including Consultants, Research Institutions / Laboratories etc.
PROFORMA IV word/PDFExporters of Glass and Glassware

Proforma duly completed may please be sent to the AIGMF Secretariat latest by October 31, 2015. The information given in the said Proforma will be published in the Directory without any charge.


Indian Companies Foreign Companies
Ordinary full page 15000 900
Extra Inside Cover Page 18000 1000
Inside Cover Page 20000 1100
Back Cover 40000 1800
Front Cover Page 50000 2000
Extra Folded Cover page 25000 1250
Centerspread(two pages) 40000 1800
Half page 10000 600
Cover Pages etc. will be booked on first come first serve basis Print Area: 18.5 x 24 cm for full page ads. 21.5 x 28 cm for front cover

Please send advertisement material in high resolution format at info@aigmf.com

Indian Glass Directory is the only reference document for Glass Articles of all types and is widely used as referral document by interested parties in India as also abroad, not only for doing business but also for entering into collaboration with Indian Glass Manufacturers/Processors. With globalization of Indian economy, Indian Glass Directory continues to be in great demand. Thus advertising in the Indian Glass Directory will be a gainful investment.

Indian companies are requested to send Demand Draft/Cheque of the requisite amount payable to The All India Glass Manufacturers’ Federation at New Delhi. Foreign companies are requested to send the Demand Draft/Cheque of the requisite amount in US Dollars payable to The All India Glass Manufacturers’ Federation at New York.

Payment can also be remitted through wire transfer. Our bank details are as under:

Remittance from India to: (deposit cash or make NEFT-online payment)

Account No.: 0411156983
Name: The All India Glass Manufacturers' Federation
Bank: Kotak Mahindra Bank
Branch: G-39 Connaught Place, New Delhi
IFSC Code: KKBK0000214

Remittance from Abroad to:

Bank of Baroda, New York, SWIFT BIC: BARBUS33, FEDWIRE / ROUTING NUMBER: 026 005 322, giving full particulars of Beneficiary i.e.

Account No. : 05860400000062
Name: The All India Glass Manufacturers' Federation
Bank: Bank of Baroda
Branch: Parliament Street, New Delhi -110 001
City: New Delhi, India

Payment Instruction Message i.e. MT - 103 is to be sent to Bank of Baroda, IBB, New Delhi, SWIFT BIC - BARBINBBPAR

A copy of bank advice may please be sent to info@aigmf.com for reconciliation.

Information in the prescribed Proforma as also your order for booking advertisement space and the material may please be sent to the AIGMF Secretariat latest by October 31, 2015 at info@aigmf.com or at following address: -

The All India Glass Manufacturers’ Federation
812, New Delhi House, 27 Barakhamba Road,
New Delhi – 110 001 (India)

Indian Glass Directory 2012

Now Available on discount for a limited period

Copies of Indian Glass Directory 2012 giving contact details of all Glass Manufacturers, Consultants and others connected with Glass Industry can be obtained from the Federation office on payment of Rs.500/- 400/- per copy (including postage).

Cheque/demand draft payable to "The All India Glass Manufacturers' Federation", at New Delhi may be sent to:

Secretary- AIGMF
812, New Delhi House
27, Barakhamba Road
New Delhi – 110 001

For overseas parties (companies) - US$60/- 50/- per copy (including postage)

Foreign companies are requested to send the Demand Draft of the requisite amount in US Dollars. Demand Draft be made in the name of 'The All India Glass Manufacturers' Federation', New Delhi, payable at New York.

Payment can also be remitted through wire transfer. Our bank details are as under:

Remittance from Abroad to:

Bank of Baroda, New York, SWIFT BIC: BARBUS33, FEDWIRE / ROUTING NUMBER: 026 005 322, giving full particulars of Beneficiary i.e.

Account No. : 05860400000062
Name : The All India Glass Manufacturers' Federation
Bank : Bank of Baroda
Branch : Parliament Street, New Delhi -110 001
City : New Delhi, India

Payment Instruction Message i.e. MT - 103 is to be sent to Bank of Baroda, IBB, New Delhi, SWIFT BIC - BARBINBBPAR

Remittance from India to: (deposit cash or make NEFT-online payment)

Account No.: 0411156983
Name: The All India Glass Manufacturers' Federation
A/c Type: Saving Account
Bank: Kotak Mahindra Bank
Branch: Kashi House, A-27/8a, Connaught Place, New Delhi
IFSC Code: KKBK0000214

In case this amount is deposited in AIGMF account, a copy of deposit slip may please be sent us for reconciliation of the account.

A copy of the Directory will be sent to you soon after receipt of the Cheque/Demand Draft/electronic clearance.

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